Sarpidon King Village Superior Triple

About Sarpidon

There is a reason most of our guests have been coming back, year after year…

We have developed the properties to resemble a small village. This creates a unique atmosphere for those staying on the premises, of belonging to a small community. And like with any community, we provide for every style, age and need.

We provide you with a large variety of amenities

Sarpidon's Rooms

Rooms range between 25 and 42 square metres in size but they all include en suite bathroom, air conditioning, free wifi and a kitchenette.

There are rooms with a garden view or with a view to the pool and a wide variety of sleeping arrangements available between the various room styles.

All rooms have recently been refurbished and each part of King’s Village has its own unique personality.

Sarpidon King Village Hotel

Offering you so much more than a beach holiday

Bike friendly? Yes!

Are you the more active and eco-friendly type of guest? Look no further! We work closely with The Hub to offer you a bike-friendly holiday.

We can provide parking space and anything you may need in terms of repairing your bicycle or preparing for a trip.

Take a look at our rooms

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