Going back in time...

...from the 80's till now

Our Story

King Sarpidon was the brother of Minos and son of Zeus and Europe. His Minoan Palace (the archaeological site of Malia) is the 3rd largest in Crete after Knossos and Phestos, covering 7.500square km. Our family chose to honour history by giving Sarpidon’s name to the original hotel which was built in the 80’s, starting with 10 humble rooms. Today, all four generations of the family are still closely involved in various aspects of the King’s Village management. The establishment has grown to boast 53 rooms, all of which are apartment-studios and two are self-catering suites. The newer properties have been gradually added to the original part, creating a patchwork quilt feeling – all belonging to the same community but maintaining their individuality. Most importantly, they are all tied together by the family’s Greek temperament and local hospitality which perfectly balances the renewed facilities with a traditional feel.

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